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Be part of businesses that you're passionate about
Get the funds needed for your expansion plans
Leverage on our platform to achieve your goals
Earning High Returns = More Risk & Less Certainty

Not Necessarily

What if you could partake in a more rewarding, safer and smarter type of investment? This is where the simplicity of our ideas and the safeguards that we have put in place intersects to protect your investments.

Enjoy risk-rated returns of up to 15% p.a. gross return on your investments.
Leverage on Cofundr’s Proven Proprietary Recovery Model; for the return of your investment in any unfavourable repayment outcome; particularly for Insurance Premium Financing Notes.
Options available to diversify your investment portfolio between different Note types.
Low investment entry amount of RM100.00 per investment.
Multiple investment tenure options available.
Commitment from the Cofundr team as we co-fund the investment together with you.
*Subject to terms & conditions

Estimate Your Earnings

With Cofundr, you get substantially higher returns minus the risk. Slide the pointer to indicate your investment preference and compare the difference.

Amount of money for investment:
RM 100
Rate of Return:
6 % p.a.
Period of time of investment:
3 month(s)
Fixed Deposit
of return from bank
of return from investment

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We Aim For All Parties To Emerge Better Than When They First Began

At Cofundr, we are constantly improving by leveraging on our financial experience, coupled with technology to deliver investment opportunities that actually work for our investors.

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