10 February 2021

This is a Game Changer!

Traditional thinking of investment means high returns requiring more risk and trading off a particular degree of certainty. A familiar concept, surely, but it got us thinking: “what if such a compromise was not necessary?”

This led us to develop our proprietary Insurance Premium Financing (IPF) Investment Notes.

A specially designed financing programme meant to assist businesses with the affordability of insurance via amortizing their insurance premiums without interrupting their policy coverage.

We also applied our proprietary recovery model that ensures the return of our capital back when things do not go as planned. 

How does it work?

Our proprietary recovery model leverages on the refund of unearned premiums whenever we cancel an insurance policy prematurely.

Insurance is prepaid for a year and if that policy is cancelled before the term expires, we get a refund of the premium from the insurance company.

Applying the same concept on IPF Note defaults, a cancellation clause with the Insurer is triggered and the refund of the unearned premiums will cover our exposure and the return of our capital.

This means that our investors –

  • will get to enjoy high returns on the IPF Investment Note;
  • without having to take on more risk or trade off a particular degree of certainty; and
  • will make an impact with their Investment Ringgit by financing SMEs in managing business risk via insurance.

With IPF Investment Notes, Low Risk = High Returns is no longer just a myth; it’s the New Norm! 

This is Cofundr!

Join us today & invest in our IPF Notes. Be a Cofundr!