24 July 2020

The First P2P Crowdfunded Insurance Premium Financing

P2P Financing, as a relatively new method of securing financial backing in Malaysia, experienced a new first this week.

With the successful launch of the Cofundr platform, SMEs and retail investors are able to leverage crowdsourced capital in an entirely new way. 

Bringing P2P Financing of Insurance Premiums and Working Capital to the market, Crowd Sense along with the platform Cofudr have opened a new avenue of securing the futures of SMEs while providing new investment opportunities. 

So, who is Cofundr?

Well, to put it simply, Cofundr is the first of its kind P2P Financing platform built around the idea that financial opportunities are only viable when available to everyone. 

This ideal of democratizing access to crowdsourced capital has led us to create an entirely new method of securing capital while opening the opportunity to a section of the market previously overlooked. 

Given the current methods of financing often created barriers between those that needed funds the most and the ability to access the needed capital, we set out to do things a bit differently. 

Keeping our focus on giving SMEs the opportunity to free up working capital to secure insurance premiums at a lower monthly cost, it was our aim to address the issues we witnessed within the traditional models of financing. 

So, how does it all work?

Much in the same way that P2P Financing functions around the world, Cofundr bridges the gap between retail investors seeking to invest within local businesses and the businesses that require capital. 

Acting as an intermediary, we make the connection between the two via our platform and allow all parties the security of knowing that the entire process is managed by a trusted source. 

SMEs are able to raise notes requiring capital to be used for financing insurance premiums or to provide necessary working capital and in turn investors are able to fund those notes while earning returns. 

For SME owners, this means that ensuring the future of their business will not have to come at the expense of sacrificing positive cash flow.

For investors, this process allows them the opportunity to invest within their own communities while earning returns that are not subject to the volatility of other marketplaces.  

In this way, we create a community of finance that, well, finances the community.


So, why do we do it?

As our team has an extensive background within traditional banking we have seen firsthand the gaps that traditional financing models unfortunately have; all of which hurts those that require financing the most. 

It was this experience that led us to create a platform that would aim to provide a more whole and accessible method for financing local SMEs. 

When we say "Cofund the Future", we mean everyone's future. 

The investors that provide the backing, the SMEs that rely on our services and the community as a whole. 

For us, it's more than just business, it's about democratizing the finance system in the best way we can.

Though, without the support of our investors and issuers we could not bring this vision to life.

It's together that we can remove the barriers of traditional financing and allow for a more accessible method of Cofunding the future. 


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